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Traditional Packaging

The Iguana range comes in perhaps the most striking & intriguing wiper blade packaging on the market. Boxes are manufactured from high quality bright white card emblazoned with an image of Bryan, the Iguana mascot. This packaging is guaranteed to catch the eye & interest of all visitors to factors & garages to encourage sales.

The box design is uncomplicated & features the Iguana mascot, as well as the modern & instantly recognisable Iguana brand logo, and the wiper blade size clearly visible in bold text. This allows quick & easy selection of the correct wiper blade from the display rack & also allows vendors to easily identify items that are out of stock or low on stock.

Each individual box contains 1 wiper blade prefitted with a single connector for all 9mm hook wiper arms (sizes 16″ to 28″) or with three individual connectors for 9mm,8mm & 6mm hook wiper arms (sizes 10″ to 15″). Fitting instructions are printed on the rear of the box.


The Display Stand

A high quality, two tier display stand is available for the Iguana blade range. Complete with full colour header card, this 16 hook stand holds up to 96 blades. This display stand offers a commanding presence in any retail outlet.